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Generation Chef by Karen Stabiner
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The Valentino Cookbook

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"This book makes me fall in love with Italian food all over again because the recipes are made in traditional ways with pure ingredients, seasonally ripe and locally grown." - Alice Waters

"The Valentino Cookbook is a splendid collection of recipes and prose that reflects many years of relentless passion and dedication to the Italian culinary culture a must-have cookbook." - Lidia Bastianich, owner, Felidia and Becco

"Through my years as a restaurateur, I've always looked to Valentino as the mother yeast of genuine hospitality. Piero Selvaggio knows intuitively how to make people feel good by sharing things that taste good. That spirit of generosity is also pervasive in The Valentino Cookbook. It's a wonderful collection of the restaurant's recipes, caringly written in a way that will make any home cook feel like a winner." - Danny Meyer, co-author of The Union Square Cafe Cookbook

"Over the years, Piero Selvaggio has introduced me to dozens of wonderful wines that always seem to match up seamlessly with the food from Valentino's kitchen. It would be enough if this book revealed the secrets of the Italian-American kitchen as well as it does. What a bonus for it to succeed at suggesting just how that wine-and-food magic works."  - Harvey Steiman, editor at large, Wine Spectator

"The Valentino Cookbook tells a fascinating story of a Sicilian restaurateur in California who discovers the world of provincial and regional Italian cuisine and wine. Piero Selvaggio's recipes are inspired by, interpreted for the province of Santa Monica , in the region of California . Bravissimo!"  - Faith Willinger, author of Eating in Italy and Red, White & Greens

"Anyone who has ever eaten at the restaurant Valentino or known its remarkable owner, Piero Selvaggio, is well aware of the elegant dishes that come forth from its kitchen. Known for giving a refined twist to time-honored tastes, Piero shows us his philosophy at Valentino in the tantalizing recipes he has dreamed up, presenting new interpretations and intriguing combinations of tastes. Personally, I can't wait to get to the Tuna in Red Wine Sauce with Fava Beans and the traditional Piemontese chocolate pudding called Il Bonet.  - Carol Field, author of Celebrating Italy and The Italian Baker

"This book, reflecting elegance and intellect, tells a story of immense passion for Italian culinary traditions. The recipes not only challenge the imagination but show the great love that Piero has for . Bravo, Piero!"  - Roberto Donna, chef and owner, Galileo

The Valentino Cookbook coverFROM THE BOOK JACKET

In 1972, with limited funds and only a modest culinary background, Piero Selvaggio opened a small Italian restaurant in a decidedly unglamorous Santa Monica neighborhood. Now, almost thirty years later, Valentino is consistently hailed as one of the finest restaurants in the Los Angeles area and the nation, and Selvaggio is the consummate host and orchestrator of one of the most sublime dining experiences imaginable. The Valentino Cookbook draws on Selvaggio's extensive experience as a restaurateur, a culinary explorer, and, most of all, a lover of food and wine.

In this charming and generous cookbook, he shares the lessons he has learned in his ever-evolving love affair with fine cuisine. He gives us delightful personal anecdotes and an incredible collection of dishes, ranging from traditional to innovative: Petti di Fagiano Avvolti in Pancetta (Pheasant Breast Wrapped in Pancetta), Filetti di Cervo con Salsa al Melograno (Venison Medallions with Pomegranate Sauce), and other wonderful entrees; an enticing collection of appetizers such as I Car-ciofi Ripieni di Lina (Lina's Stuffed Artichokes) and Gamberoni e Cannellini allíOlio Toscano (Shrimp and White Beans in Tuscan Oil); flavorful soups such as Passato di Verdura (Pureed Vegetable Soup) and Raviolini di Cappone (Small Capon Ravioli in Broth); delicate risottos; pastas as simple as Fusilli con Verdure Forti e Pancetta (Fusilli with Bitter Greens and Pancetta) or as extraordinary as Uovo al Tarufo Dedicato a Nino Bergese (Pasta Stuffed with Eggs, Spinach, and Ricotta, with Shaved Truffles). And an extensive dessert section ranges from an elegant Lemon and Grappa Crostata to the rich, crunchy Croccante Semifreddo.

With each recipe, Selvaggio, the most respected wine expert in the country, includes a selection of sublime wines from budget finds to spectacular bottles for a special occasion. His tasteful pairings enhance each dish, and this show of expertise is one of the most unusual and valuable qualities of The Valentino Cookbook.

Simple or complex, traditional or progressive for Selvaggio, all good cooking is, at heart, very personal: a journey of taste for which the end isn't nearly as important as the fantasias along the way. This wonderful cookbook will help all of us develop a true understanding of taste and refine our appreciation for everything that great dining is all about.